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After a "Filling"

After a white restoration (composite)

Sometimes, it happens that after the insertion of a composite, there is a certain discomfort. The tooth may become sensitive to cold and to mastication in a reversible way. This is quite normal and can last up to about two weeks (period of adaptation to the new restoration), if the sensitivity is not decreasing, return to see us to have it checked.

If you feel that your teeth do not close as usual, it is likely that the composite may be slightly too 'high' and that it requires an adjustment. The composite being a resistant material, it does not wear by itself. Given that the tooth has more pressure than the other teeth, it can develop symptoms in the future. Don't underestimate the importance of this short appointment of adjustment with your dentist, it takes 5 minutes!

After a gray filling (Amalgam)

Opposed to composite which is hardened directly in your mouth by a light, the amalgamation takes a few hours before reaching its maximum strength. During this period, avoid eating on the side of your restoration for the rest of the day. The same symptoms may also appear temporarily as in the case of a composite (sensitivity to cold and mastication…)

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