Dental Crowns

A dental crown is necessary to solidify a tooth in case of considerable destruction, a fragile tooth having a failing defectuous restauration, or sometimes to imrove esthetics of a discoloration or malposition. Therefore, the tooth will be saved much longer to serve in chewing, space maintenance, esthetics and occlusal harmony.


The following steps are involved in designing and placing a dental crown:

1st appointment: The tooth is sculpted, then an impression is taken of the prepared tooth. A temporary crown is placed to protect your tooth until your final crown is ready.

2nd appointment: The temporary crown is removed and the final crown made from your impression is set in place. Before cementing it in position, we assess your bite and ensure that the size, shape and the shade are satisfying for you and the dentist.

The procedure involved in fabricating a crown is simple. You will also be happy to regain the same comfort you had before in eating foods you enjoy. If you need a dental crown, please call us at 450-629-3368 for a consultation appointment.

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