Teeth Whitening with home trays

What steps are involved in whitening teeth at home?

First of all, the dental professional checks your oral-dental health in a kind of screening of 10 to 15 mintes. An impression is then made of your mouth in order to design your custom teeth whitening trays.  

On your next visit, we give you your trays and the whitening gel. We carefully explain the procedure you are to follow, depending on the initial tint of your teeth and any specific considerations related to your medical record (ex., sensitive teeth). For optimal results, the Saba Dental Clinic strongly recommends that you avoid any liquids or food that may stain your teeth and refrain from smoking throughout the home teeth whitening process. If your teeth or gums become sensitive during treatment, we advise that you use toothpaste specifically designed for sensitive teeth and gums.

If you are interested in Home Bleaching, please call us at 450-629-3368 to give you an appointment of a consultation

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